Color Management for employees of the paint mixing

This is a training for mixing room workers who do not fully consciously use the equipment and software used for formulation and quality control. The training organizes theoretical knowledge and allows for practical use of knowledge during the preparation of recipes and their verification. The training accurately locates the position of the paint mixing room throughout the printing production cycle, enabling an objective assessment of the quality and repeatability of this work department.
This course will provide you with the ability to implement basic calibration and quality control procedures to manage your chain
supply of spot inks and fuel a production culture based on process control.

Main features:

  • This training addresses the latest international and industrial standards and the PANTONE Certified Printer Program Xrite
  • After successful completion of the training, assessed on the basis of the post-test result, each participant receives a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge.
  • It is part of a larger training program on standardization and optimization of printing production

Who is this course for?

Employees of the paint mixing department and the dyeing kitchen.

Training topics:

  • Spectral measurement basics
  • Measurement conditions and color representation
  • Consistency of color patterns and color libraries
  • Lighting standards in accordance with ISO 3669: 2009
  • Flow of spot color information according to ISO 17972-4 / Graphic technology / Color data exchange format (CxF / X) / Part 4: Spot color characterization data (CxF / X-4)
  • CXF peaks as the basic format for the exchange of spot color information
  • Illustrative overview of SCTV functionality for spot colors
  • Overview of the Best Match function, selection of the best density to spectral compatibility
  • INK Formulation + Color Quality. Work methodology, repeatability, precision
  • Configuration of information flow for spot colors at all stages of production – from preparation to production quality control
  • Effect of substrate and OBA on digital and optical color reproduction
  • Practical application of automation depending on the hardware and system capabilities of the printing house
  • Interpretation and configuration of measurement reports for spot colors
  • Overview of the PANTONE Certified Printer Program Xrite
  • Formulation of metallic paints
  • Practical training