Color Management Basics

The course topics cover the latest color management theory and its applications, providing a solid educational foundation for managing the information flow of an image. It is the ideal entry-level course for any technical practitioner interested in a comprehensive understanding of the basics of color management.

Main features:

  • It is a training course that addresses the latest international and industrial standards
  • It is part of a larger training program on standardization and optimization of printing production

Who is this course for?

Print specialists and managers, all departments responsible for image reproduction

Training topics :

  • Introduction to color management
  • Device-independent and device-independent color spaces
  • Basics of photometry and optical colorimetry
  • CM for production standards
  • Subjective and objective methods of color evaluation
  • Color assessment lighting standards in accordance with ISO 3669: 2009
  • Use of color management in graphics applications
  • Color measurement in densitometric and spectral printing
  • Profiling – introduction and characteristics
  • Proofing compliance assessment
  • Profiling input, display and output devices
  • Conversion using ICC profiles
  • Compliance with standard printing conditions